I created my first game (at least the barest most playable version). It's a simple game which started first as my desire to create a simple volleyball game based off a slime volleyball flash game I played a loooong time ago.

Buuut then the whole "AI" thing popped up and... while I will tackle that in the future, while learning the ropes I didn't feel like it was in my grasp just yet. So I spawned off a "subproject" from that project after implementing the base features (movement and the ball itself) and went ahead and said "hey why not just create a ball bounce challenge game?"

It seemed simple enough, but ultimately it let me learn a lot about implementing the actual "gamey" stuff. Movement and physics were easy (thanks to Godot) but of course you need all the other stuff, scores, start pages, countdowns, etc...

What was really cool about the project is, while making it I had a good idea to spawn off into making another game based off these simple principles which I'd really like to see into a full project. I'll be starting on it soon and the prototype should be very similar.

The idea is basically to combine something like a pinball/breakout style game with platformer movements; your paddles aren't "restricted" but instead your paddle is a "player" and you can influence the ball aside from just bouncing it.

The Coolest thing (to me) is that I can already conceptually think of how to do these things and they aren't too difficult. It's got me fired up to try it out. However... I am a busy person and this is only a side gig so who knows how long it will take. I'm planning on kicking this up over the summer.

My main idea is to try and have at least a single level done by the end of the summer as a playable demo perhaps. So look for it! As usual it will be in Godot, and I will do the art/music/etc. myself since that's fun to me. I already have various ideas for the game world/characters/theme that could work with the gameplay. Buuuut my art definitely needs some practice. Maybe it's time for a new page....

Anyway that's just an update here on the game, I strayed a bit far off but this is my first one. I'll try to have a link to this game soon enough. It's very simple but it's a very compact project and it's fun enough to waste time on (that's the bare minimum for a game right? ;p)

ADD-ON:Actually... the game has no sound at all. I plan on writing a nice little quick jiggle for the game some time this weekend (and adding SfX!!!) so technically I guess it's not "entirely" finished.


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